CEO Message

Dear friends ,
The Indian construction sector is undergoing immense diversification and specialization despite the times of recession looming large. There has been a rising demand for quality construction material whose availability, till now, was restricted to a few big names. However, the times are quickly changing and a boom is expected in this industry soon. Keeping into consideration the current scenario, Prachand TMT Saria, is the latest enterant in the market, poised to provide India with a global outlook in the Construction Sector.
We aspire to inspire the world of steel with our presence.
Our investments are not merely in the provision of quality steel but are also in enhancing our technological strength and intensifying our marketing technologies. Following a planned strategy , we aim to cater to the different market as per their needs and requirements and fulfill all demands to the best of our capacity. Our biggest capability lies in the fact that we value the excellence of our products as much as we value the trust and loyalty of our customers.
For us, our growth is concentrated in your faith.
Apart from serving the construction sector we also strictly adhere to our environmental policy and help keep the environment clean, healthy and safe. Our social initiatives are an evidence of our commitment towards Mother Nature. The next few years shall indeed be a challenge- a challenge of growth, a challenge of clashing opinions & ideas and a challenge of survival. But with your undying belief consistently forming our backdrop, we are assured of a massive success and enormous glory in the years to come.
Managing Partner
Aneep Sood